Playground Victories

Playground Victories is a new outdoor show touring in summer 2017 & available for touring 2018. 

If you've ever queued for the slide, mastered the monkey bars, or dreamed of being a pirate, then this is the show for you. Four performers, squabble, slide, swing and spring their way over our bespoke playground; fighting for personal and social victories. Always returning to the biggest challenge: the elusive monkey bars. Whether you're eight or eighty, the monkey bars still hold a piece of our hearts as children, parents, drunken students and ninja litter pickers, we still want to climb them. 


The show condenses a day in the life of a playground into 35 minutes, whirling through a series of high-octane scenes of first love, adventure, competition and combat. From the early morning exercisers to tired single mums looking for love. We meet a huge range of larger than life characters. Audiences will watch school fights, first snogs and ultimately join a pirate adventure. 


Playground Victories captures the highs and lows of our playground past, present and future in a joyfully comic, visually inventive physical theatre and circus piece for all ages.


Director: Gemma Fairlie (Light the Fuse, RSC, Royal Court, New Vic)

Producer: Steph Connell 

Designer: Myriddin Wannell (Wildworks)

Set Builder: Ruby Soho Productions

Puppet Designer: Annie Brooks


Supported by Arts Council England, SeaChange Arts and artsdepot.

Playground Victories is produced by Scribbled Thought

For an information pack including fees, availability and booking information please contact

Tour dates 2017

times are subject to change, please check individual website for locations and details
Imagine Watford                                             30th June 17:30 & 19:30
                                                                         1st July 12:00, 14:15 & 17:00 
Dagfest, Dagenham                                         15th July 12:45, 14:45 & 16:45
Tilt Festival, Birmingham                                 22nd July 12:30 & 15:00
Appetite Festival, Stoke                                  25th August 14:30
                                                                         26th August 11:00 & 13:30
Sitelines, Reading-on-Thames Festival          9th September 12:00, 14:00 & 16:00
                                                                         10th September 12:00, 14:00 & 16:00
Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth              16th September 12:30 & 16:30